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Often used in commercial settings, carpet tiles or carpet squares, are a great alternative to roll carpeting. Carpet tiles are modular so you can use different color tiles to create a unique pattern or style to match your property's décor. Carpet tiles are known for being resilient, long-lasting, and stain-resistant. They are easy to install and maintain. In the case of damage or staining, you can simply replace one carpet square rather than the entire room.

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Use this helpful chart to see a side-by-side comparison of carpet versus vinyl flooring options.

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Brands Armstrong, Champion                     Armstrong Armstrong, Champion,
Lifeproof, TrafficMASTER
Foss Floors, Shaw
Warranty 5 Year Minimum 5 Year 10 Year Minimum 10 Years
Recommended Application Residential Commercial Residential Commercial
Patterns Available 36 6 12 4
Ease to Maintain/Repair Low Maintenance Requires Regular Maintenance Low Maintenance Requires Regular Maintenance
Meets HUD/FHA Requirements? No Yes No No
DIY Expertise Level Beginner Beginner Beginner - Intermediate Beginner
Installation Method Self-Stick Glue-Down Glue-Down, Self-Stick, or Click Glue-Down

Carpet Tile Installation

Carpet tiles are easy to install, and can be nonadhesive, or free laid, or self-adhesive. The seams of carpet tiles are more visible than traditional roll carpeting so you need to work carefully to avoid crooked lines or an uneven look. We offer flooring installation services, in some areas, to help you install carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles can be installed over many smooth surfaces, including wood and tile.

Things to remember when installing carpet tiles:

  • No carpet padding is needed
  • Start in the center of the room and work out from there
  • Lay out carpet tile before gluing
  • Notice the direction of the carpet tile to assure you get desired pattern using arrows on back
  • For tiles that are not self-sticking, use a trowel to apply adhesive
  • Always follow adhesive manufacturer directions
  • When tiles are set in place use a floor roller to press into adhesive

Carpet Tile Care

Carpet tile is durable, and will look great for years with proper care and maintenance, but accidents do happen. Be sure you keep a stock of extra carpet tiles on hand; if you are faced with stains, burns, or other damage, it is easy to pull up the ruined tile and replace it.

  • Vacuum every 2-3 days for high traffic areas
  • Clean spills immediately and keep carpet tiles dry
  • Avoid too much moisture when cleaning–use water or cleaning agents sparingly
  • Deep clean or professionally clean every 6-12 months
  • Don't pull on a snag, trim with scissors.

Remember to use floor mats at all entryways. This will drastically reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked onto your floors.