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General Website Help

Who should I contact with the questions I have?

If you have questions about your web order, or using our website, our Website Help team is ready to help. You can contact them by phone toll-free Monday - Friday, 4am - 5pm Pacific time at 1.877.694.4932 or email.

Need product support, renovation services, or credit/billing? View our complete list of Customer Care contacts to ensure you are getting the help you need.

How do I change my password?

Update your password by selecting "Account" at the top of any page once logged on, then select "Profile" on the bottom left corner of the page in "About You." Click on "Change" to update the password.

What if I forgot my username?

If you have forgotten your username, select "Account" at the top of any page. Follow the instructions in the "Forgot Username or Password" box. If you have multiple emails on your account, please call 1.877.694.4932 for assistance.

How can I update my profile online?

You can update certain profile information by clicking on "Account" at the top of any page once logged on, then select "Profile" on the bottom left corner of the page. If you would like to change any information in the "About You" or "Billing Information" sections, please contact our Account Services Team at 1.800.798.8809.

How do I get my account number?

If you're new to online ordering, but have ordered previously via fax or phone, your customer number appears on a past invoice or an order confirmation. If you are unable to find your account number, you will need to contact your management company for further help, as we are unable to provide account numbers for security reasons.

How do I register to order online?

To register an online account, select "Register or Sign in" at the top of any page.

How do I know the site is secure?

HD Supply understands your concern about entering confidential information online. Every area of our site that asks for confidential information (i.e., credit card numbers, billing information) is secure. You will notice that whenever you are in a secure area of our website that the "Security" or lock icon in the top and/or bottom toolbar of your browser will be "locked" and highlighted.

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Monthly Statements

What is on the monthly statement?

The monthly statement includes:

  • More information about each transaction, such as the PO and the purchaser
  • Aging of your open invoices in 30 day increments
  • Phone numbers and email addresses to contact our credit department
  • All open items on an account at the time of the statement date

The monthly statement does not include:

  • The General Ledger (GL) Account Summary (this is on your invoice)
  • A remit or tear-off portion (this is on your invoice)
  • Statement numbers
  • Information on more than one account

See a sample of a monthly statement

When do I receive the monthly statement?

All customers with an open balance can receive an electronic monthly statement around the first week of each month.

Can I receive invoices electronically?

Yes. You can view, sort, and print your monthly statements online through Invoice Gateway, a free and easy tool offered to you. You can also request a monthly statement be emailed and faxed. Enroll to receive monthly statements electronically with Invoice Gateway. Learn more about how to enroll.

What is the difference between a monthly statement and an invoice?

The invoice provides details of a specific order. A monthly statement provides all of the open items on your account (invoices, credit memos, unapplied payments, etc.). An invoice is created for each order. The monthly statement is available at the beginning of the month.

Will I still receive an invoice?

Yes, you will continue to receive invoices for your purchases. Late notices are not sent.

Why don't you show all of my invoices for the month?

All open (unpaid) invoices are reflected. It is rare that an invoice will have been paid before the statement is processed, but if so, paid invoices are not included on the statement.

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Online Payment Service From Invoice Gateway

Why should I sign up for Invoice Gateway?

With Invoice Gateway, you can access your invoices and statements anytime/anywhere. It's easy to view, download and print your invoices or statements. You can also make ACH and credit card payments, view proof of delivery and add comments to an invoice. You will save time and money (and help the environment). Sign Up Today!

How much does it cost?

Invoice Gateway is absolutely free. And because you won't need to spend time opening, sorting, filing and shredding paper documents, it will likely save you time and money. Learn More

How do I activate my account in Invoice Gateway?

Activating your account in Invoice Gateway is a two-step process. The first step is to enroll in Invoice Gateway with your token. Second, once you have completed enrollment, you will be sent an email with a link to activate your account. Once you activate the account, you can log in and view your account information.

To receive PDF invoices by email, enroll in Invoice Gateway and update Notification Settings under the Settings tab. You will select "Attach a PDF copy of the bill to email notifications."

What is my username?

If you are the administrator of the account (the person that initially signed up), your username and account number are the same number.

For example: ABC Warehouse with Account #12345 would have the username 12345, not ABC Warehouse. The administrator also has the ability to set up additional users and assign them their own unique username. The administrator will also determine what level of access each user will have.

Can I make a payment through Invoice Gateway?

Yes, you can make payments online via electronic check, credit, or debit card, and even schedule future payments. Payment options are available to account administrators only. The individual that initially signs up for Invoice Gateway is automatically the administrator for that account. Click on the "Payment Settings" tab and enter the bank account or credit card information. This set up only needs to be done once. Get Started Today!

Can I cancel after I sign up?

You may cancel at any time. Simply call HD Supply Credit Services at 1.800.798.8888.

Is my information safe?

We protect your information with the highest level of encryption available. You can be assured that your information is safe.

Who do I call for help?

Once you sign in you will be able to access a complete Help/Tutorial tool or you may call HD Supply Credit Services at 1.800.798.8888.

I have a centralized AP department. Why would I want to sign up for Invoice Gateway?

Through Invoice Gateway a centralized AP department would be able to monitor the daily/weekly spend of a particular location and be able to process invoices more quickly and efficiently.

Can all customers see their invoices and statements online?

All customers with HD Supply can see their invoices and statements online. If you are having difficulty viewing your invoices and statements online please call HD Supply Credit Services at 800.798.8888.

Can I see what invoices have been paid?

If you have paid your invoice via Invoice Gateway, you will see the amount that was paid on that particular invoice. If you have paid by any other method you will not see this information and should contact HD Supply Credit Services at 1.800.798.8888.

Can I view Proof of Delivery for my invoices?

Yes, you can view the POD for an invoice by opening the invoice. Once you've opened the invoice, you will see a DVLR link in blue. This link will take you to your POD information.

How will I know when I have new invoices and statements?

It depends on your chosen delivery method. You may receive notification via email that a new invoice or statement is available in Invoice Gateway, or you can receive an email with a PDF attachment that will contain the invoice or statement. Sign Up To Get Started!

Will my invoices and statements look the same online?

Your online invoices and statements will be exact replicas of the invoices and statements you would have received via US Mail.

Can I easily print and save my invoices and statements?

We use the industry standard PDF format for storing and displaying invoices and statements. This makes it easy to print them or save them to your computer. Download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

Can I print or download multiple invoices or statements at one time?

Yes, just click the box next to each item. The Download or Print function will apply to all of the selected items.

Can I download my invoices and statements into my accounting software?

Yes. Easy Import is a feature of our emailing service and Invoice Gateway online service that provides you with a data file containing your invoice and statement information. If your accounting software is compatible with one of our available formats, you can import this data directly into your accounting system. Within Invoice Gateway, check the boxes next to the invoices and statements you want to download. Then click the "Download" link and follow the instructions. You will be able to select among a variety of different accounting packages including QuickBooks, Viewpoint, Forefront (from Dexter + Chaney), Peachtree, Timberline and a CSV file that is Microsoft Excel compatible. We're always expanding our list of available accounting systems. With our email service, one email per day is sent to you that combines all your invoices and statements for that day into a single PDF. You can turn on Easy Import by clicking a link in the email. Once you do this you will start to receive a data file with your invoice and statement information that you can download directly into your accounting system. You will continue to receive the PDF version of your invoice and statement in addition to the Easy Import data file.

What if my property management company wants access to view my invoices and statements?

The Administrative User of an Invoice Gateway account has the ability to set up other users and assign them different privileges, including the ability to download data. To set up a user, the Administrator goes to the Administration tab in Invoice Gateway and selects "Add User."

How long will I be able to view my invoices and statements online?

Invoices and statements will be viewable in a PDF format online for a rolling 24 months. After this time the PDF will not be available. If you need copies or have questions, call HD Supply Credit Services at 1.800.798.8888.

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Invoice Gateway Technical Questions

How do I change my password?

Your password is changed under the Settings tab.

Click Change Password

  1. A screen is displayed prompting you for your "Current Password" and "New Password."
  2. Type your current password in the "Current Password" field.
  3. Type your new password in the "New Password" field. Passwords must contain at least seven alphanumeric characters.
  4. Retype your new password in the "Confirm New Password" field.
  5. Click the Save button.

How do I change my email address?

Your email address is changed under the Account Settings section under the Options tab. Your email address cannot contain any special characters such as asterisks.

  1. Click Modify in the "Email Address" field. A screen is displayed prompting you for your new email address.
  2. Type your new email address in the "New Email Address" field.
  3. Click Update.

How can I sort the information I see in Invoice Gateway?

You can sort the items displayed by key criteria such as date, amount, and purchase order number by clicking on the column title, and select "Sort A to Z" or "Sort Z to A."

What are Filter Options and how do I use them?

Filters allow you to modify the information that is displayed. To set up or change a filter, select the dropdown from any of the column headers. A search field is displayed where you can type the search criteria. Select "Apply" to set the filter or from the dropdown select "Reset" to remove the filter.

Can I view my invoices and statements online without getting email notifications?

Yes. Once you sign up for Invoice Gateway, your invoices and statements will be posted online for viewing. The default delivery option is an email notification when new invoices are posted online. If you would rather not receive the email, you can turn off email notifications in the "Notification Settings" section under the Settings tab. Learn More

What is the difference between a CSV file, PDF, and CSV Detail?

A PDF file is an industry standard file that is formatted to be printed or emailed. A CSV file is a common file type used to import data from one software application to another, with commas separating the values. A CSV Detail file is the same format as a CSV file; however, it contains additional information from the invoice and statement, such as order date, ship date, terms, item number and description.

What do I do if I don't see my accounting software?

We're always expanding our list of available accounting systems. If you don't see yours listed, choose the "Click Here" link that is displayed in the second paragraph of the "Download" screen.

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Ordering Questions

Can I shop from a mobile device?

Yes! Our full site is mobile optimized for smartphone and tablet. Plus, it is easy to use. Learn more about our mobile website and download the smart phone app to enjoy ordering on the go.

Questions about Electronic Procurement Solutions (e-PS)

Electronic Procurement Solutions (e-PS) are third party ordering platforms that help customers control costs, provide customized catalog solutions, and streamline electronic invoicing capabilities.

If you are having issues, are interested in, or need to talk to someone about e-PS, please contact our Web Support Team at 1.877.694.4932 or send an email.

Can I request a catalog online?

Yes, you can request a catalog. Simply fill in your shipping information to receive a catalog in the mail. You can also browse the eCatalogs to see digital copies of our printed catalogs.

What are my options for products that are out of stock or on back order?

If an item is out of stock you can choose to:

  • Have in-stock items shipped and out-of-stock items sent when available.**
  • Remove out-of-stock items from your order.
  • Hold your entire order until all items are in stock.**

**You will not be charged on back order items until they become available.

When do tax and shipping charges show up on my order?

Tax and shipping charges are displayed on the "Check Out" page. They are also shown on your order/shipping email confirmations as well as your invoice. Once your order has shipped, your total amount, including applicable tax and shipping charges, will be stored in the "Review Orders" page.

Does the $10 handling fee apply to web orders under $50?

Yes, it applies to all web orders under $50.

How do I add an order approval process to my account?

There are two options available to add an order approval process to your account:

  1. You can email or print the "Final Pricing & Billing" (includes tax, shipping, applied discounts, and final pricing) to an approver. Your Shopping Cart holds your items unless you delete them from the cart or complete the process. You can also add your items to a saved list until approval is obtained.
  2. Or

  3. To add an order approver and verbal authorization amount to an account, contact Account Services at [email protected] or fax your request to 1.800.283.8883.
    • Include the account #
    • First/last name and title requesting the change
    • Verbal Authorization Amount (example $100, all orders over this amount require approval)
    • Order approver's first/last name and title
    • Preferred method of communication—phone, fax, or email (include preference)
    • PO requirements or Authorized Purchasers can also be applied as needed
    • Include PO amount required
    • First/last name and title of each authorized purchaser

How do I apply for credit with HD Supply?

Download a credit application. Once completed, fax the form to our Account Services department at 1.800.283.8888 or email [email protected].

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After Ordering

In my shipping confirmation email, part of my order is not listed. What happened to those items?

Sometimes when items are out of stock in your local warehouse they will be shipped from the next closest warehouse. Those items will have their own shipping confirmation email.

I just registered and placed my order. I am usually invoiced for my supplies, so why am I being asked for my credit card number?

If you did not enter your HD Supply account number in the Customer Number field during registration, the system will not know to link your account. If the "Charge My Account" option is not showing on the Check Out page, please call our Website Help Team at 1.877.694.4932.

How do I track my package?

Most orders are shipped with our own fleet of dedicated trucks. However, if your order is shipped with another trusted carrier, go to our "Package Tracking" page and follow the instructions to find out where your package is and when it will arrive.

Is it possible to receive an email notification of my phone and fax orders?

Yes. You can choose to receive order and shipping confirmation emails for every order: phone, fax, and web. Simply log on to your account, and click "My Account" at the top of the page. In the Email Confirmations box select "All orders at my property", and then click "Update Profile" to save your changes. If you manage more than one property, you can get order and shipping confirmation emails for each property by registering for an online account for each property.

Can I view my web order history?

Yes. After you log on, click on "Order History & Status" at the top of the page to see your online order history.

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Order Status

How has the Order Status feature improved?

The updated Order Status feature allows customers to:

  • Search for orders by sales order number, P.O. Number, and/or part number.
  • Filter lists of orders displayed by different statuses.
  • See more detailed line-by-line statuses for orders.
  • See the status for the entire order.
  • See the estimated delivery date for the order/items.
  • Find information on how to resolve common issues for orders with Customer Action Required status.

How do I search for my orders on the Order Status page?

Using the Order Status tab, there are multiple ways to search, including:

  • Search for a grouping of orders in predefined date ranges of Past 7 Days, Past 30 Days, Past 60 Days, and Past 90 Days.
  • Create a specific date order — up to 90 Days of Orders.
  • Search for specific orders — up to 18 months old.
  • Note: Orders made more than 18 months ago must be searched for on the Order History page.
  • Search for orders containing a specific Purchase Order Number.

What does the "Customer Action Required" mean?

Certain situations on an order may trigger an Order Status that requires attention. The Customer Action Required statuses that will be called out on the Order Status tab include:

  • Verbal Authorization approvals
  • Authorized Purchaser approvals
  • Purchase Order requirements
  • Tax Exempt requests
  • EPA Certification requirements
  • Master Key Waiver requirements
  • Art File requirements
  • Account updates

How do I resolve issues for orders that are in Customer Action Required status?

See the tool tip icon (?) next to this status for more information on how to resolve the issue.

How do I track my order?

In the Order Status tab, you can view tracking details on items that are in a Delivered Status by clicking a specific order to view the Line Status Detail, then click on Proof of Delivery for the appropriate line item.

  • Note: Tracking information is not available from all delivery carriers.
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Special Orders

How long before I get a price quote for a Special Order?

You can request special order quotes online.

How do I place the order after I review the quote?

Once you are ready to place the order, please email [email protected] with the quote number in the subject line along with any changes.

How long before a Special Order is delivered?

Most Special Orders are delivered to customers within 7-10 business days.

Can shipping be rushed?

Yes, please include any specific shipping requests in the "Additional Comments" box. (Example, "Please expedite order via UPS Next Day Air"). Please remember you are responsible for all shipping charges.

What is the Return Policy on special orders?

Special Order items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

How do I know my request for a Special Order was received?

You will receive an email confirming the request has been received by our team and you should see a quote within 2-3 business days.

How do I cancel a Special Order request submitted online?

To cancel a request submitted online, please email [email protected] with "Cancel Special Order Online Request" in the subject line. Please include your account information and the date you submitted the request in the body of your email.

The request cannot be cancelled once it has been ordered and/or shipped.

Is it possible to receive an email notification of my online Special Order request?

At this time there is no automated email notification of your submitted request. If you choose email as your preferred contact method, you should receive the quote confirmation to the specified email address within 3-5 business days.

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Product & Pricing Information

What is a Source Code?

A Source Code is a special three character code that applies discounts and special offers. Source Codes are usually found on email promotions or near the address label of any mailed catalog, brochure, or flyer.

How do I make sure I receive the "promotional price" for an item online?

To take advantage of special offers you have seen online or in a promotional mailer, you must use the appropriate Source Code. This three character code is usually found on an email promotion or near the address label of any mailed catalog or flyer from HD Supply.

Where can I find my updated pricing?

When you place an order on our website, the site provides a real-time price and availability check before the order is submitted. This allows you to make decisions about back orders, see estimated shipping times, and review pricing.

Our management company is planning to remodel several properties... can you help?

Sounds like a perfect project for our Renovations team! Whether you need a small refresh, a full-scale upgrade, or to make your properties environmentally friendly, put the strength of HD Supply behind your next property improvement project. Our team of pros will help you manage your project, provide product specifications and advice, ensure accurate product forecasting and delivery, as well as assist with order placement. For select markets, we can even provide the labor services for installation!

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Product Returns, Damaged Goods, And Cancellations

How do I cancel an order after I have submitted it online?

As soon as possible, call our Website Help Team at 1.877.694.4932 and tell them you would like to cancel a web order.

How do I return products?

We accept returned products in the original packaging up to 90 days from the date of purchase. Damaged items and shorted orders must be reported to HD Supply within three business days of receipt. There are two ways in which you can return products:

  1. Complete our online Return Form to return most items. **
  2. Or

  3. Contact Customer Care at 1.866.455.8901 for assistance with returns. A customer care representative will provide you a return reference number to include on the returned package and an expected time for your package pickup. Learn more about our return policy.

**Some items cannot be returned. These include:

  • Customized orders, such as custom, made-to-order and fabricated items
  • Extended Inventory items
  • Hazardous materials
  • Goods shipped outside the continental United States
  • Special orders, such as non-catalog items and volume purchases
  • Warranty items

What if my order arrives damaged or items are missing?

Damaged items, shorted orders, and fulfillment errors must be reported to HD Supply within three business days. Call Customer Care at 1-866-455-8901 for assistance or contact us to make a claim now.

If you receive a package with damaged or missing items, please note any obvious damage or shortage next to your signature at the time of delivery. If you later find hidden damage or shortage, be sure to keep the original shipping carton for possible inspection by the carrier.

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Tax Exemption

Where can I find information specific to the state exempt process and multijurisdictional guidelines for my facility's location?

Please visit your state's website for the most current and up-to-date information on your region, jurisdiction, municipality, county, borough, township, or parish.

What are the general requirements for obtaining a tax-exempt status with HD Supply?

The exempt certificate should be completed in its entirety and generally include the following information:

  • Name and address of customer
    Please note: This would be the name of the bill to for your customer account
  • Tax ID, registration, or permit number of customer
  • Description of customer's business activity
  • Description of property being purchased
  • Signature and title of customer
  • Effective date and expiration date (where applicable)
  • Type of exemption being claimed
  • Valid legal entity name provided as the seller, which is HD Supply

Where do I send a copy of my exempt certificate?

Please email or fax 1.800.283.8883 a copy of the exempt certificate to our Account Services department. Be sure to include your customer account number, which is key to identifying and properly exempting your account correctly.

Who do I contact if I was charged sales tax in error, or the incorrect sales tax rate?

Please notify our Account Services department via email or call 1.800.798.8809. Please note, if emailing us, please include your account number, which is key to expediting the correction.

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