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Drop ceilings, or suspended ceilings, are commonly found in commercial buildings such as offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, and schools. They are made up of lightweight tiles inserted into a suspended metal frame.

These type of ceilings are a great choice for commercial buildings. They hide wiring and ductwork, improve acoustics, lighting, and temperature control. The ceiling tiles can be easily removed to perform maintenance and repair work on wiring, HVAC ducts, etc.

The ceiling tiles are often made of fiberglass, or mineral fibers for noise reduction. They are available in various textures and patterns to best fit the décor of your property. Some drop ceilings can be resistant to mold and mildew which is especially good in humid or moist conditions, such as bathrooms.

We offer two types ceiling tiles used most often in commercial facilities:

Mineral fiber tiles from Armstrong:

  • Wide range of textures, sizes, and colors
  • Reduces sound and helps with noise control
  • Fire retardant

Foamed plastic tiles from Parkland Plastics:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Ideal for use in humid areas
  • Will not stain, flake, rot, swell, bow, or create dust

Maintenance Tips

Maintain your drop ceiling tiles as would any other ceiling—they do not need extra care. You can keep drop ceiling tiles clean by removing dust, cobwebs, and loose dirt with a vacuum or soft brush. For severely stained or damaged tiles, replace them as needed.

Installing Ceiling Tiles

You may want to keep a stock of ceiling tiles on hand for quick replacement. Installing or replacing individual panels is simple. The only tools you may need are ceiling tiles, clean gloves, and a ladder. Avoid staining the new ceiling tiles by starting off with clean hands or wearing gloves.

  1. Remove the old or damaged tile by pushing it up above the suspension grid, and tilt it so you can get it out past the metal frame.
  2. Install the new tile by angling it up into the frame and setting it in place.

Learn more about installing a drop ceiling system from Armstrong.