2009 Gold Medal - ASQ International Team Excellence Award

Committed to your success

Our award-winning Voice of the Customer (VOC) program solves the toughest challenges and improves customer experiences. Our Customer Advocate team listens to your concerns and welcomes suggestions on ways to improve our service, expand our product offering, and better meet your needs.

Improve our service

We gather feedback from customer calls, emails, sales representatives, customer surveys, and anecdotal customer suggestions. Our team analyzes the data to identify areas where we are excellent or need improvement. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers.

Expand our product offering

Your feedback helps us offer the broadest selection of high-quality, dependable products and services in the industry. We use your suggestions to optimize our catalog so that we offer up-to-date quality products. As your single-source supplier, we help you save time and money—with fewer invoices to manage and consolidated deliveries.

Meeting your needs

We transform your comments and suggestions into measurable improvements. Our Customer Advocate team of process improvement professionals specializes in Six Sigma to ensure improvement actions are implemented.

What you said & what we did

"We would like HD Supply to be more helpful with warranty requests."

Dedicated associates help schedule service calls with providers and evaluate their performance on timely service and customer satisfaction.

"I wish the web search returned a wider selection of products."

We are continually working to measure and improve website functionality to bring you more choices when you search for the products you need most.

"Why can't you provide prices on packing slips?"

Customers can now request this service if needed.

"It would be helpful to have in-unit delivery of appliances."

Customers in select markets can now take advantage of our appliance delivery service. We are continuing to set up more vendor networks for delivery service in more areas.

"Can you please contact our authorized purchaser to release our orders?"

We automated our system to contact the designated authorized purchaser if requested by a customer, after an order is placed.

Thank you! Your feedback has helped us create an industry-leading company focused on quality and customer service.

†HD Supply's VOC program won a gold medal for our service level management infrastructure and service excellence structure in international competition at the 2009 American Society for Quality (ASQ) world conference..

We look forward to serving you

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